AABAKC Condemns Xenophobic Ads

St. Louis & Kansas City – July 24, 2016 – A coalition of Asian American business and civic organizations including the Asian American Chamber of Commerce of St. Louis, OCA St. Louis, the Missouri Asian American Bar Association, South Asian Bar Association of Metro St. Louis and Asian American Bar Association of Kansas City, join together to decry the imagery and rhetoric used in recent negative television political advertisements.

Asian American communities throughout Missouri are appalled and outraged by the blatantly racist political ads being paid for and distributed by the Tea Party Patriots and the State Conservative Reform Action PAC. One of the most disgraceful ads features two shadowy purported Chinese officials speaking Mandarin, discussing how they were able to purchase a Missouri farm due to the support of this candidate. The ad is clearly meant to elicit fear among Missouri voters and depicts Chinese and Asians as “the enemy”. The ad echoes the “Yellow Peril” sentiment from darker times in our nation’s history which led to abhorrent legislation like the Chinese Exclusion Act and Japanese American internment camps.

An ad paid for by Citizens for Kurt Schaefer for Attorney General irresponsibly attempts to score political points against Josh Hawley by wrongly implying that he supported terrorism as a result of legal work representing certain clients. A major objective of the ad is take advantage of anti-Muslim rhetoric and scare voters into fearing Muslim communities, including those of South Asian and Asian heritage, which puts the lives of families and children in these communities in danger of possible hate crimes.

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